domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Libro de San Cipriano


This is an unique opportunity for serious investigators, historians & old-rare book collectors !!

One of the very rare and very few copies of the "Book of San Cipriano", the most important book published in Spanish about witchcraft and black magic.

This is not a summary. This is not a comment. This is not a censored copy.
Some copies for sale or download on websites are censored or incomplete. Be careful !!
Example. This website to download a free PDF copy:
Has not the full book.The most important spells, incantations and invocations were missing or deleted. Totaling 52 pages.
How I know that?... I've got a full original.

This the full, complete book consists of three big parts and index. Composed of 153 pages. Original, excellently preserved, about 50 - 60 years old (one of the last editions).
Shows evidence of having been used in ceremonies and some marginal notes in pencil by the previous owner.

It is an original and unique printed copy, it isn't a xerox or scanned copy. 
Just for serious collectors.
Contact for details & price:

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